SIM Card

2Slink SIM card offers free roaming access to its subscribers in over 140 different countries globally along with GPS access control. With one number to be reached in 140 different countries would allow users to minimize missing important calls. In addition to having a feature of free call forwarding to any local SIM cards in 140 countries, it also allows members to use their own local SIM cards while being reached internationally via only one number. This feature maintains the use of local telecommunication companies in each country without any interference in the home land services. Travelling with 2Slink SIM cuts down cost while staying connected with loved ones where ever our clients might be. Travelers who are accompanied by a group visiting a country for a short while can be connected without any use of receiving local SIM cards in their short stay while the receiver is always receiving a free call, the caller only pays 19 cent/Euro to receive call no matter where they might be globally.